Diane and Mike Kulow

Donor Kulow

Diane and Mike Kulow

"The Garden is filled with beauty, a sense of calm and it's a wonderful place to learn about native plants and enjoy with friends. It's a peaceful oasis that we hope will be here forever!"

Diane and Mike Kulow's first membership to the Desert Botanical Garden was a gift from dear friends. The Kulows continued to renew their membership and increase their involvement. During the Tending the Garden Campaign, they generously invested in the Garden's future with plans for a gift from their estate. They are quick to say, "We love the theory of saving this place for future generations, but the tax benefits are important too."

The Kulows love the desert - they have been sharing it with family and friends for years and years. As a small child, Diane recalls family outings to the Garden along with regular family trips to cook breakfast in the desert. During high school in the mid-60's, Mike frequently rode his bicycle to investigate the unusual plants and garden in Papago Park. Today, Diane and hiking buddy Dianne Dunn regularly exercise on Garden trails. And grandson "Dazzer," a graduate of the Garden's Seedlings pre-school program, delights grandma with information he learned about unique desert wildlife and plants.

In spring of 2010, the Kulows even arranged for a family reunion at the Garden. It was the right place to gather four generations, introducing them to the Garden's one-of-a-kind plant collection, relaxing in the sun and watching the wildlife.