Dedrie and Matt Cohen

Dedrie and Matt Cohen Year after year, Sonoran Circle Members Dedrie and Matt Cohen find new ways to get involved with the Desert Botanical Garden. Garden photography classes attracted Matt, providing fascinating botanical subjects along with new friends. Blossoming new skills led to amazing photographic explorations all over the world, as illustrated by Matt's striking photo of Baobob trees in Madagascar.

With Dedrie's retirement from a successful podiatry practice, and degrees in Biology and Botany, she has found a new place to contribute with the Garden's Research/Collections/Horticulture Committee. Recent research and analysis led her, with the help of mice volunteers, to demonstrate to the committee the merits of sprinkling menthol around plants to discourage the local fauna from feeding on the Garden's valuable plant collection.

Dedrie and Matt love their small herd of chocolate labs. They were delighted to find that Dogs' Day in the Garden  would allow them to enjoy both the plants and their canine friends - twice a year!

Dedrie and Matt's generous support of the Garden includes Patrons Circle membership plus frequent attendance at Garden events. Their Sonoran Circle membership will also create a lasting charitable legacy.